2018 Introductions


Mallory Ann is a 2018 introduction from Robert Romano. Is a B size dahlia with a blend of orange and yellow. It is Laciniated and does extremely well in our hot climate for being Laciniated. It passed 3 trial gardens with scores of 88.24, 88.1 and 87.2. It has passed on the bench also. A sample of our stock was sent out for virus testing through the ADS in 2016 and came back negative. All stock this year grown is from G1 stock and was tested again this year and came back negative.


Crazy 4 Yvonne is one of our 2018 introductions. It is a BB size formal decorative dahlia. It is a lavender flower and the plant grows 4.5 feet tall in our garden. This plant does not stop blooming. Thank you to Colin Walker for letting me use his picture.


TLC  Kiss is an introduction from Tom and Lydia Cleere. I am releasing it for them this year with half of the proceeds going to the ADS Genome project. It is a vigorous bloomer. Its BB size blooms are on very strong stems. The  colors of the dark red with white are striking. Was best bloom in show in Greenwich in 2016.


MM Buttercream is a 2018 introduction of Jeanne Edwards. It is a pale yellow ball with a slight lavender blush. It has been in the works for a couple years and have gotten her to finally release it. It has a Trial garden and bench scores form 2 or 3 years ago. It has beaten Clearview Daniel which seems to always win best ball. In our garden it grows 6 feet tall and is a very vigorous grower and great tuber maker.


TLC Play ball is an introduction of Tom and Lydia Cleere. 50% of sales will be donated to the ADS Genome project. It is a floriferous Red ball. It was best 3 ball at Gettysburg Dahlia show this year.


Crazy Cleere's on of our 2018 introductions. It is a miniature ball with a high petal count. It is a dark blend of purple and white. It grows 3.5 feet tall in our garden. It has been on the head table many times as best miniature ball, 3 miniature ball or basket. it passed in 3  trial gardens this year with scores of 90.6, 86, and 85.5. It has scored on the Bench 4 times with scores of 87.3, 87.3, 86.2 and an 85.


Hollyhill Confetti is a 2018 introduction from Ted and Margaret Kennedy. It is a very nice miniature ball. It is white with purple variegation. It grow 5 feet tall in our garden. It passed in 4 trial gardens with scores of 89, 87.8, 87 and 85.3. It has a bench score of 86.8.


Crazy Velvet is one of our 2018 introductions, It is a sport of Red Velvet. It has all the charecteristics of Red Velvet but with an orange and yellow blend. It does not make a lot of tubers but nice flower growing 3.5 feet tall in our garden.