B size 6" to 8"
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Crazy 4 David B-SC-PR


Crazy 4 David one of my 2016 introductions. It is a B size semi-cactus dahlia which is purple but looks dark pink to some. It grows about 6 foot tall in my garden. It Has 3 bench evaluation scores of 92.3, 89.8, and 88. It scored in all 4 trial gardens with and average of 87.3. It also won the Darrill Hart Medal . It is a real eye catcher. It has been best B size and best 3 B in show.

Here at Crazy for Dahlias we are CRAZY about fighting virus. We take great steps to stay virus free. A sample of this dahlia has tested CLEAN in our garden with the help of the American Dahlia Society with an endowment from the Scheetz Chuey Charitable Foundation. They have been a great help for us! We take our clean tested stock as seed stock for next year, always trying to maintain the cleanest stock possible.

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