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Min Size 2" to 4"
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Hollyhill Code Red M-FD-DR


Hollyhill Code Red is a 2017 introduction from Ted and Margaret Kennedy. It is a miniature formal decorative dahlia. It is dark red and grows 6 feet tall in our garden. It does not fade.  It scored in 4 trial gardens with scores of 89.6, 85.5, 86.8, and 85.7. Great addition to the garden!

Here at Crazy for Dahlias we are CRAZY about fighting virus. We take great steps to stay virus free. A sample of this dahlia has tested CLEAN in our garden with the help of the American Dahlia Society with an endowment from the Scheetz Chuey Charitable Foundation. They have been a great help for us! We take our clean tested stock as seed stock for next year, always trying to maintain the cleanest stock possible.

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CodeRed2013B FROM tED kENEDY.jpg